American Martyrs and St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Social Night Dinners 2018

American Martyrs 


Social Night Dinners 


After 5pm Mass on Saturdays Evenings in our Parish Family Hall.

 Main dish provided at no charge, bring a side dish and/or dessert to share.

          If you forget to bring something, Come anyway, and just bring something the next time--

  We always have plenty of food!


 Jan 20 — Mexican 

Ramona Barger, TPat Read


February  17 Soups & Chili  

Tina Cozart,  Bev Schafer 

March  17 —  Fried Chicken

Fay Obergfell


April   28  —  Youth Spaghetti Dinner 

 Cindy Light and the Youth will make the whole meal for donations.


May  19    Meatloaf

 Carol Ison


June  16  —  Pizza

Patricia Brock


 July 22—  Parish Picnic 
Parish Council & K of C at K of C 

August 18 —  Salads - Tina Cozart and Ramona Barger


September  22 - Baked Potatoes and fixings Rich Smith Family


October 20Chili and Soup - Tina Cozart & Ramona Barger


November 18 - Need Volunteer  

Parish Thanksgiving



            Card players, domino players, and other game players for games

               you bring to share

            are invited to stay to play, and good conversation is always


            Menu items may change if something comes up,

                but dates should be as above.

  Come spend a pleasant evening with your parish family!