American Martyrs and St. Patrick Catholic Church
Thursday, June 13, 2024

American Martyrs Catholic Church

Parish Family Hall Rental and Terms





Must have insurance on Hall before day of rental.

Hall must be cleaned and put back in Condition it was found.

In the event we have a funeral the Hall will not be available until 6pm.

American Martyrs Parishioners $50.00 and

 $50.00 deposit to be refunded if Hall is clean.

Non- Parishioners $100.00 and

$100.00 deposit to be refunded if Hall is clean.

Weekend Rentals

Saturday’s -

Before 4 pm or after 6 pm because parking lot is used for Mass.

Sunday’s -  

After 1 pm because of Religious ED and parking lot is used for Mass. (August – May).

Hall Rules

No tape is to be used on the walls or ceiling. ALL decoration is to be taken down.

Wash, Dry and put away all utensils and items used during event.

Return tables back to originally found.

Sweep and spot clean all floors.

Check all bathrooms for no water running, toilets have been flushed and trash emptied.

Leave soiled dish cloths and towels in sink. If you are a parishioner please take wash dish cloths and towels home and clean them & return promptly.  

Do not leave items in the refrigerator or they will be free for the next renter. 

Empty all trash in dumpster provide outside the Kitchen door.

Make sure you remove all your belongings on the day of Rental.

Make sure all lights are turned off.

Return Key promptly, place key in mail slot at the Parish office.

Kitchen Rules

1)             Wash all Utensils and items used during your event

2)             Dry all Items Washed

3)             If you are a parishioner, Take the dirty towels and dish clothes home and launder them.

4)             If you Bring Food or Drinks in the Hall, if you leave them they will become fair game. 

5)             If you store Items in the refrigerator they will be discarded on expiration date.

6)             Please wipe of all tables, counters and sweep all floors.



Approved by American Martyrs Parish Council -  2018

Parish Office: 812-752-3693     Fax: 812-752-0969    

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