American Martyrs and St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
American Martyrs &
St. Patrick
His Holiness Pope Francis


The Most Reverend Charles C. Thompson

Rev. Santhosh Yohannan

American Martyrs:                                                             

Office: 262 West Cherry St.,                     

Scottsburg, In 47170-2013                      


Phone:  812-752-3693                     
Fax:      812-752-0969
American Martyrs       


Weekly Mass Schedule




*** According to Archdiocese of Indianapolis all Parishioners will continue to Social Distance and


 wearing of Mask are REQUIRED for all Masses


and Parish functions till further notice. ***

 The Ascension of the Lord
 Saturday, May 15; 5:00 PM – Richard & Bernice Pollitz

2nd Collection: Maintenance / Building Fund

Sunday,   May 16; 8:30 AM Mike Collins 

2nd Collection: Maintenance / Building Fund

Tuesday,        May 18; 5:00 PM   Fr. James O’Riley

Wednesday, May 19; 8:30 AM –   Sam LaDonne

Thursday,     May 20; 8:30 AM –   Jean Marie Reinstedler
Friday,       May 21;  8:30 AM –   Henri May
Pentecost Sunday

 Saturday, May 22; 5:00 PM – For the Parish Family

2nd Collection: India Fund

Sunday, May 23; 8:30 AM Bill Mulcahy  

2nd Collection: India Fund

Tuesday,       May 25; 5:00 PM –  Kenny Boswell  

Wednesday,  May 26; 8:30 AM – Petronilla Hutchins Manna

Thursday,     May 27;  8:30 AM – Rose Bosler

Friday,                          May 28; 8:30 AM –  Robert Wayne Harmon


***We have been praying for Fr. Santhosh's birthplace,  

      India, Now let’s  help financially.   

A special collection on May 22/23 and May 29/30.  The money will be transferred from our church account to  

Fr. Santhosh's original Archdiocese in India to be distributed directly to those who need it. Make out your check to American Martyrs and put India in the memo line or put cash in the designated basket.  All help will be appreciated.

May ministries for American Martyrs

Saturdays : Reader -  Mary Smith

                    E. Minister -  Tina Cozart
Sundays :   Reader -  Cindy Light
                    E. Minister -  Debbie Young

The Parish Council is taking nominations

the Parish Council, Contact any council member

or Parish office in writing.   Current members

Bev Schafer, Mary Smith, David Baker, Tina Cozart

Thank you to our Parish Council Representative’s,

 for their service.  

  Anyone 18 years of age or older and a Member of American Martyrs is eligible. 

Yes you can Nominate yourself.



St. Patrick Weekly Mass Schedule

St. Patrick; PO Box # 27, Salem IN 47167

The Ascension of the Lord

Sunday, May 16; 10:30 AM – Don Boulet

Wednesday May 19; 6:00 PM –  For the Parish Family
 Parish Council Meeting 6:30 PM
Pentecost Sunday

Sunday, May 23; 8:30 AM   Nestor Zatonsky   

Wednesday May 26; 6:00 PM – Jean Marie Reinstedler

***We have been praying for Fr. Santhosh's birthplace, India, Now there is a plan to help financially. A special collection on May 30th will be announced this weekend and will be in the bulletin. The money will be transferred from our church account to Fr. Santhosh's original archdiocese in India to be distributed directly to those who need it. Make out your check to St. Patrick and put India in the memo line or put cash in the designated basket in the Narthex on May 30th. All help will be appreciated.



 St. Patrick’s Reader Schedule

May  16 John Mead  23 – TBA  30 Terry Thixton 

June  06 Judy Saunders  13 Betty Bowers     

            20 Jane Zatonsky    20 Carolyn Saltsgaver
    Collections from May 9, 2021
            No Report

St. Patrick Parish

   I invite you to pass along information to me to print in the Bulletin on a weekly basis. You can email it to or mail it to 767 Wanda St. Scottsburg, IN

Dispensation for Sunday Mass extended until further notice
Act of Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart.   I embrace You as if You were already there  and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.

Help  Wanted  PLEASE

Anyone interested in the applying for the position of Coordinator of Religious Education for American Martyrs OR St. Patrick, please contact Debbie @  or 812-752-3693. 

You would be responsible for overseeing the Pre K through 12 religious education programs.



Membership / Discipleship

     If you are new to either parish or have any change with your phone number or have you moved please let the Parish office know, it is as easy as there are forms at all the entrances of the church. a phone call, 812-752-3693; email, or Stop by the Parish Office at 262 W. Cherry Street, Scottsburg, IN 47170

The Ascension of the Lord

 Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.


 The Apostles’ conversion happened over an extended period of time. Jesus’ command to go and baptize all who would come to believe through their efforts is ongoing to this day. People are waiting for us to extend an invitation and to witness how faith in Jesus has changed our lives. There is no time to waste.


Reading 1.)    Acts 1:1-11 

Luke recounts the days and weeks following Jesus’ resurrection, and his interactions with the disciples until he is taken up to heaven.

R. Ps:47}   God mounts his throne to shouts of joy;

                 a blare of trumpets for the Lord


Reading 2.) Ephesians 1:17-23 

Paul prays that the

 Ephesians grasp the power of Christ at work within them.

Gospel ) Mark 16:15-20

In the Gospel, Jesus gives the disciples the instruction to Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.


Listen to the Word 

Which line in this reading caught your ear?

What sense do you get about God as you listen to this Word proclaimed today?

Look into Your Life  

Question for Children: In what ways do you experience God’s love, offered to you through family, friends, and teachers?


Question for Youth:   Jesus commanded us to love one another. Who is most in need of your love and kindness right now? How can you be more loving to those most in need this week?


Question for Adults: Concretely, how do you show love to others?

Why did Jesus go back to heaven?
What is the ascension?

   After Jesus rose from the dead, He went back to heaven to be with God. He also went back to prepare a place for everyone who would believe in Him!
     Jesus is God, so He doesn’t have a beginning or end. He has always lived in heaven, except for the 33 years He lived as the perfect God-man here on Earth. At the end of His time here, He died on a cross for our sins. But He didn’t stay dead! He rose from the grave three days later. He appeared to His disciples and later over 500 people! After 40 days, Jesus rose up, or ascended, to heaven right before His disciples’ eyes.
   Jesus promised that when He went back to heaven, He would start to prepare a place for all who believed in Him. He said to His disciples, “There are many rooms in my Father’s house. If this were not true, would I have told you that I am going there? Would I have told you that I would prepare a place for you there?” (John 14:2). People who believe in Him get to live with Him forever after they die.
   One day, Jesus is going to return from heaven for everyone who believes in Him. After Jesus ascended to heaven, two angels appeared to His disciples and said, “Men of Galilee, … why do you stand here looking at the sky? Jesus has been taken away from you into heaven. But he will come back in the same way you saw him go” (Acts 1:11). This is called the rapture—it’s the time when Jesus will bring everyone who believes in Him to heaven, whether they’re dead or alive. We don’t know exactly when it will happen, but all Christians look forward to this wonderful day!


      St. Patrick & American Martyrs will be honoring Year of St. Joseph at every weekend Mass.  By having families present flowers to St. Joseph at every weekend Mass.  

Prayer to Saint Joseph


   Hail, Guardian of the Redeemer, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. To you God entrusted his only Son; in you Mary placed her trust; with you Christ became man.


 Blessed Joseph, to us too, and guide us in the path of life. Obtain for us grace, mercy and courage, and defend us from every evil. AMEN



St. Joseph and the Lilies

   The lilies symbolize integrity and indicate that Saint Joseph was the earthly spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose purity is represented by the chaste white lily. Three flowers are used to represent the Blessed Trinity.

 The lily is associated with St. Joseph, spouse of Mary, through an ancient legend that he was so chosen from among other men by the blossoming of his staff like a lily. ... Thus, in religious art the lily is used as an emblem of St. Joseph, and similarly in religious flower symbolism the names "St.



Pope Francis proclaims “Year of St Joseph”

With the Apostolic Letter “Patris corde”

 (“With a Father’s Heart”), Pope Francis recalls the 150th anniversary of the declaration of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church. To mark the occasion, the Holy Father has proclaimed a “Year of Saint Joseph” from, 8 December 2020, to 8 December 2021.

    St. Joseph is the patron saint of the dying because, assuming he died before Jesus' public life, he died with Jesus and Mary close to him, the way we all would like to leave this earth.

Joseph is also patron saint of the Universal Church, families, fathers, expectant mothers (pregnant women), travelers, immigrants, house sellers and buyers, craftsmen, engineers, and working people in general.

   We celebrate two feast days for Joseph: March 19 for Joseph the Husband of Mary and May 1 for Joseph the Worker.


Please remember all those that are Stressed, Ill and/or Dying in your Prayers     

 Almighty and merciful Father, by the power of your command, drive away from me all forms of sickness and disease. Restore strength to my body and joy to my spirit, so that in my renewed health, I may bless and serve you, now and forevermore. AMEN  

If you are in need of prayer support, Please contact;

 Parish Office 812-752-3693 or
A   Baby is a Gift
CRADLE- 812-752-0123;   
CHOICE - 812-883-2675;   
Pregnancy Helpline - 877-734-2444
Adoption Options - 317-878-3412

Be Generous This Summer

   The month of May means summer is right around the corner. There will be an urge to make up for the dark summer of 2020 with gusto. We head into a time when vacation planning is emerging, barbecues are a realistic activity, family reunions may actually be realized and trips to a favorite state park or beach may be eagerly anticipated. Christian stewards remain mindful, however, that even during this time, the need to be generous continues, especially to our parishes and dioceses.

    The Christmas spirit has always inspired us to share our material blessings with others. Cold weather also brings out our desire to make sure others are sheltered from winter storms. But often, food and clothing pantry shelves are not quite so full in the summer, even though people are still hungry and need clothing. Even in pre-pandemic times, social service agencies scrambled to fill their rosters with volunteers during the summer. Parish outreach ministries have suffered this past year and need financial contributions to continue during the summer weeks.

   Christian stewards are well aware of summer needs, as well as being aware of their own need to give throughout the year. For Christian stewards, the spirituality of gratitude to God is part of their everyday lives and motivates their generosity.

     Let’s not forget our parishes when we make our summer plans. Let’s make sure to increase our gifts to make up for the past year. Also, many diocesan appeals take place in the spring and summer. Giving to the diocesan annual appeal is an excellent way to support the ministries of the local church that no single parish could undertake by itself.

     This summer may offer a chance to renew our quest for fun and relaxation in a way that the pandemic, the economy and closures would not allow last summer. Let us be mindful of our parishes, diocesan ministries and other charities that are in need of our support. A plan to continue our generous habits this summer can serve as a great blessing to those in need and serve as an authentic witness to the renewal of our Baptismal promises at Easter.


International Catholic Stewardship Council CATHOLIC STEWARDSHIP

May 2021 • e-Bulletin