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Sunday, May 16, 2021
American Martyrs and
St. Patrick
Catholic Churches

American Martyrs

Weekly Mass Schedule




*** According to Archdiocese of Indianapolis all Parishioners will continue to Social Distance and  wearing of Mask are REQUIRED for all Masses


and Parish functions till further notice. ***


5th   Sunday Easter
 Saturday, May 01; 5:00 PM – Frank Mays

2nd Collection: Scott County Clearinghouse

Sunday,   May 02; 8:30 AM  Pete Renn

2nd Collection: Scott County Clearinghouse

Tuesday,        May 04; 5:00 PM  Petronilla Hutchins Manna

Wednesday, May 05; 8:30 AM –  Gary “Moe” Moenter

Thursday,     May 06; 8:30 AM –  Elizabeth Harmon
Friday,     May 07;  8:30 AM –  Lonnie Piet
6th Sunday Easter 
 Saturday, May 08; 5:00 PM – Wanda Mays

Sunday, May 09; 8:30 AM Spencer & Carol Greer

Tuesday,       May 11; 5:00 PM –    John Meagher

Wednesday,  May 12; 8:30 AM –   Mary Lynn May

Thursday,     May 13;  8:30 AM – Presentation Bacala

Friday,            May 14; 8:30 AM –  Margaret Miller

May ministries for American Martyrs

Saturdays : Reader -  Mary Smith

                    E. Minister -  Tina Cozart
Sundays :   Reader -  Cindy Light
                    E. Minister -  Debbie Young
Parish Office Closure

The Parish office at American Martyrs will be closed May 8th thru 12th. Sorry for an inconvenience. 

I will be checking emails.   Debbie Young


The Parish Council is taking nominations

the Parish Council, Contact any council member

or Parish office in writing.   Current members

Bev Schafer, Mary Smith, David Baker, Tina Cozart

Thank you to our Parish Council Representative’s,

 for their service 

American Martyrs – Volunteers needed

Next week we will reinstate the Church cleaning signup sheets.


We are also in need of Lector, Greeters, and Eucharistic Ministers. Call the office or Mary Smith


Continuing to look for people to mow once or twice a month or even a mowing season. .

Please consider helping out.  

 Thank you

Thank you to Bev Schafer and Noreen Faulkenberg for volunteering to clean the Rectory on a Monthly Basis.


Thank you to Rich and Mary Smith for Remodeling the Parish office to create an office for Fr. Santhosh.



Volunteers Needed, PLEASE

Anyone who may wish to share in mowing the church property this summer can contact Rich Smith (812-722-7367) or Mary Smith (812-595-2243). You would need to have your own equipment. The Smith’s will continue to be responsible for edging and weed-eating.

American Martyrs
RED Food Box

PLEASEhelp to support donations for the food box located on the northwest corner of the church parking lot. You can put donations in the tub located Entrances of church. Some suggestions include cheese sticks, peanut butter sandwich or crackers, Vienna sausage, packets of tuna salad, breakfast bars, individual fruit cups. Thank you for your Generosity


Collections for Clearinghouse

Our local food bank totes are at the entrances of the church. The Clearinghouse is in need of mashed potatoes, seasonings, pasta sides, cereal, and all hygiene items. 

Thank you for helping others!



St. Patrick Weekly Mass Schedule

5th   Sunday Easter 

Sunday, May 02; 10:30 AM – Gene Miller

 Wednesday May 05; 6:00 PM – Fr. Charles DeNardi
6th  Sunday Easter 

Sunday, May 09; 8:30 AM   Rose Riley  

Wednesday May 12; 6:00 PM –  Shirley Powell  


 St. Patrick’s Reader Schedule


May     02   Janet Paynter        09  Peggy Boulet

 16 John Mead    23 –   TBA      30 Terry Thixton 




Stewardship is for everyone as we have all


been gifted by God in so many ways.


Dispensation for Sunday Mass extended until further notice
Act of Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart.   I embrace You as if You were already there  and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.



Membership / Discipleship

     If you are new to either parish or have any change with your phone number or have you moved please let the Parish office know, it is as easy as there are forms at all the entrances of the church. a phone call, 812-752-3693; email, or Stop by the Parish Office at 262 W. Cherry Street, Scottsburg, IN 47170

Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow

Do you long for the day my friend, when forever you will be Side by side walking with your Lord in perfect harmony?
Do you long to sing His praise with angels from above?
To bask and rest in His embrace, surrounded by His love?

My precious friend, don’t wait until tomorrow to be blessed.
Reach out and touch His heart today and find sweet peace and rest.
Lay hold on faith, rest in your King, Then watch your desert bloom.
His roses will grow in your life today and shed their sweet perfume.     

Donna Word Chappell
5th  Sunday Easter:  

Following Jesus asks much of us but offers the eternal love of the Father in return.


 To truly stay united to Jesus, we need grounding in two essential elements. First, by taking on the mind of Christ and adhering to what the Church proclaims. Second, by living in accord with the moral teaching of the Church. Following Jesus asks much of us but offers us the eternal love of the Father in return.

Reading 1.)     Acts 9:26-31; 

 Barnabas helps Saul enter into the community of the disciples by reporting on Saul’s vision of the Lord and his bold proclamation in Jesus’ name.

R. Ps:22}


     I will praise you, Lord, in the assembly of your people.

Reading 2.)      1 John 3:18-24;  

The First Letter of John instructs the community on love of neighbor, and on keeping the commandments as proof of belief in Christ.


Gospel )     John 15:1-8;  

 In the Gospel, Jesus says, I am the true vine, and my Father is the vine grower. Those who remain in him will bear fruit and their needs will be met. Through this the Father is glorified.

Listen to the Word 

 When you hear the word proclaimed today, what phrase or image of the Gospel strikes you?

Look into Your Life  
Question for Children: 

How do you keep yourself connected to Jesus in your daily life?  

Question for Youth: 

Jesus is the vine – we are the branches, connected to Him as our life-source.

When do you feel most connected to Jesus in your everyday life?

How can you go there more often?    

Question for Adults: 

How does your own connection to Christ,

 the vine, affect your daily life?  

 What image from this reading helps you see the importance of this connection to Christ?    



Church Cleanings


**We are asking for Volunteers to Disinfect Pews


After Every Mass. PLEASE! 

Cleaning Products are in the cleaning closet.


THANK YOU for taking your time to volunteer


 Year of St Joseph

   St. Joseph is the patron saint of the dying because, assuming he died before Jesus' public life, he died with Jesus and Mary close to him, the way we all would like to leave this earth.

Joseph is also patron saint of the Universal Church, families, fathers, expectant mothers (pregnant women), travelers, immigrants, house sellers and buyers, craftsmen, engineers, and working people in general.

   We celebrate two feast days for Joseph: March 19 for Joseph the Husband of Mary and May 1 for Joseph the Worker.  March 19 has been the most commonly celebrated feast day for Joseph, and it wasn't until 1955 that Pope Pius XII established the Feast of "St. Joseph the Worker" to be celebrated on May 1.

   This is also May Day (International Workers' Day)

and believed to reflect Joseph's status as the
patron of workers.




Pope Francis proclaims “Year of St Joseph”

With the Apostolic Letter “Patris corde”

 (“With a Father’s Heart”), Pope Francis recalls the 150th anniversary of the declaration of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church. To mark the occasion, the Holy Father has proclaimed a “Year of Saint Joseph” from, 8 December 2020, to 8 December 2021.


Please remember all those that are Stressed, Ill and/or Dying in your Prayers     

If you are in need of prayer support, Please contact;

 Parish Office 812-752-3693 or

   O good Jesus, I accept willingly this sickness [or trial] which it has pleased You to lay upon me. I confide all my pains to your Sacred Heart, and beg You to unite them with Your bitter sufferings, and thus perfect them by making them Your own.
Since I cannot render You the praise due to You because of the multitude of my sorrows and afflictions, I ask You to praise God the Father for all I suffer, with the same tribute of praise You offered Him when Your agony on the Cross was at its height. As You thanked Him with all the powers of Your soul for all the sufferings and injustice which He willed You should endure, so, I pray You, give Him thanks for my trials also. Offer my sufferings, physical and spiritual, to Him together with Your most holy pains to His eternal honor and glory. Amen

A   Baby is a Gift
CRADLE- 812-752-0123;   
CHOICE - 812-883-2675;   
Adoption Options - 317-878-3412
 Pregnancy Helpline - 877-734-2444
May Crowning

 May is Mary’s month!  And during May, throughout the Catholic world, special devotions honor the Virgin Mary.  “May Crowning” is a traditional Catholic ritual that occurs in the month of May and it recognizes Mary as Queen of heaven and earth.  Since medieval times, there has been a correlation between Mary and the month of May. May is considered the season of the beginning of new life.  “May Crowning” marks a new spiritual season. Our Mary, Queen of heaven and earth, lifted us right out of the last long, cold days of winter and firmly planted our hearts in the warm and promising soil of spring.

During the Holy Mass on May Crowning day, a wreath of flowers and herbs is placed on the statue of Mary.  The act of crowning is rooted in the view of Mary as the Queen of Heaven. The event is of particular significance as it relates to the Champion Shrine history because, when Our Lady appeared to the young Belgian immigrant woman, Adele Brise, in 1859, she identified herself as the “Queen of Heaven.”

A cherished age-old tradition of reverence, the crowning of Mary at the Champion Shrine is in keeping with the “Order of Crowning” which attributed the queen symbol to Mary because she was a perfect follower of Christ, who is the absolute “crown” of creation.  “She is the Mother of the Son of God, who is the messianic King. Mary is the Mother of Christ, the Word Incarnate… ‘he will be great and will be called Son of the Most High; the Lord will give him the throne of his father David; and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever; and of his kingdom there will be no end” (Lk 1:32-33).

Elizabeth greeted the Blessed Virgin, pregnant with Jesus, as ‘the mother of my Lord’ (Lk 1:41-43).  Mary is the perfect follower of Christ. The maid of Nazareth consented to God’s plan; she journeyed on the pilgrimage of faith; she listened to God’s Word and kept it in her heart; she remained steadfast in close union with her Son, all the way to the foot of the Cross; she persevered in prayer with the Church. Thus, in an eminent way she won the “crown of righteousness” (2 Tim 4:8), the “crown of life” (Jas 1:12; Rev 2:10), the “crown of glory” (1 Pet 5:4) that is promised to those who follow Christ (“Order of Crowning,” NCCB, 1987).



“Father, you have given us the Mother of your Son to be our Queen and Mother. With the support of her prayers, may we come to share the glory of your children in the kingdom of heaven.


We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,


who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the, one God, forever and ever.


BULLETIN Additions or Changes

Cut off day will is Wednesdays at 5 pm

 Email: Phone: 812-752-3693
Mail: 262 West Cherry Street, Scottsburg, IN 47170

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St Patrick and American Martyrs Catholic Church Community



*** According to Archdiocese of Indianapolis all Parishioners will continue to Social Distance and wearing of Mask are REQUIRED


for all Masses and Parish functions till further notice. ***

God Blessing to you,
Fr. Santhosh Yohannan