American Martyrs and St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Friday, June 22, 2018
Welcome to
American Martyrs
Pastor, Rev. Joseph L. Villa
The Most Holy Trinity

May 26/27, 2018

Welcome Rev. Donald Buchanan


Jesus calls us all to relationship with the

Triune God, and with one another.


     Christ proclaims the three-fold unity of God and commands that we make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.



Reading 1: Deuteronomy 4:32-34, 39-40;

      In today’s first reading, Moses instructs the people to know, and fix in their hearts, that the Lord is God. They are to keep his statutes and commandments.


R.) Psalm 33: 

 Blessed the people the Lord has chosen to be his own,

Reading 2: Romans 8:14-17;   

     In Romans, Paul reminds us that through the Spirit we are God’s adopted children and joint heirs with Christ.

Gospel: Matthew 28:16-20;   

     In the Gospel, Jesus delivers the Great Commission, sending his disciples throughout the world to baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.




Saturday; May 26; 5:00 PM –   Kenny Boswell 

Servers: Marta Rose & Friederich Ostertag    

Sunday;  May 27; 8:30 AM –   James Moyna

The Most Holy Trinity 

 Servers: Nick Bautista & Blake Russell    

**Monday, May 28;  6 PM– Communion Service
Saturday; June 02; 5:00 PM –  Otto & Maria Kiwitt    

** 2nd Collection; Scott Area Ministerial Association 

Servers: Catherine Valencia   &   Marcos Valencia     


Sunday;  June 03; 8:30 AM –  Francis Kiesler  

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

** 2nd Collection; Scott Area Ministerial Association  

Servers: Olivia Fugate &  Sadie Fugate
St. Patrick Catholic Church
PO Box # 273;
208 S. Shelby Street,

 Salem IN 47167

Sunday Mass  10:30 AM&  

Wednesday Mass 6:00 PM 


Membership / Discipleship

     If you are new to the parish or have any change

with your phone number or have you moved please

let the Parish office know, it is as easy as a phone call,


Stop by the Parish Office at

262 W. Cherry Street, Scottsburg, IN 47170

Or there are forms at all the entrances of the church.

Votive Candles  

 A requested donation of  $3.00


Mass Intentions

 Intentions are $10.00 per Mass,

Envelopes at the entrances of the church

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St Patrick and American Martyrs Catholic Church Community

Cook Books For Sale   

   We still have a few American Martyrs Cook Books for sale for $10 each, in the office and back of the church


While Fr Joe is on Sabbatical  

this is the address for Mail.     

 Rev. Joseph L. Villa 103 South 21st Street

                                Terre Haute, IN 47803


    In today’s Gospel and reading from the letter of

St. Paul we hear of the gift of the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In our devotional life we make the sign of the cross and recite the “Glory Be” as an expression of our faith as a Trinitarian people. But what does it mean for Christian stewards to accept in a practical way the experience of God in this three-fold gift? Is it a call to share our own life in community, with compassion and love, and to work for healing, justice, peace and unity?

Is it an invitation to invite others into fellowship with us in the unity of the Father, Son and Spirit?

Religious Education

**Bible School  June 11 thru 14, 2018

Sunday Religious Education  Pre K through 12th

Resumes in August

Classes are Sunday’s after 8:30 Mass in the Parish Hall.

No charge for our Religious Education program.

Contact; Cindy Light for more information.


SCRIPT Orders  Due Next  Sunday,  June  3rd

Thank you for your support of Script Orders.

Order forms are at the entrances of the Church.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
       RCIA classes will resume in the Fall of 2018.

   These classes are for anyone interested in learning more about the Catholic Church.   As Catholics, we are all called to evangelize.   This would be one way for you to fulfill this calling.  

To register contact Cindy Light or the Parish Office for more info.  

New Server Training

      There will be a new server training after Mass on Sunday, June 3rd.  Any child who has made their 1st Communion may be an altar server.  Please call

Cindy Light @ 812-595-3673 if your child is interested

in serving.  If we get enough children to train, you should only have to serve once every 4-5 weeks. 

Congratulations & Thank you

 Altar Servers Samantha and Brannon

They both have been serving since making their 1st Communion in 2nd grade! 

We thank you for your many years of serving! 

Brannon Russell will be attending Rose-Hulman Institute  

   of Technology in Terre Haute, majoring in Mechanical


Samantha Soto is undecided on a college at this point. 

       Good luck to both of you!
June Ministries

Saturday – Reader    Eucharist Ministers

 David Baker (G)     Carol Ison (*)

 Missy Baker (R)      Bev Schafer
                            Diana Cozart (C)
Sunday – Reader__ Eucharist Ministers

 Susan Anderson (G) Jane Marley (*)

 Marcy Donohue (R)  Don Harmon

                                    Debbie Young (C)

Ann Jentzen & Jim Cozart
Red Cross Blood Drive   May 28th

       K of C Council #8053 is hosting a Blood Drive at their Building across from the Scott County Hospital on Memorial Day May 28th from 2pm to 6pm.

Please make Part of you Memorial Celebration saving a life and giving Blood. Thank you.

Parish  Social  Night June 16th   

Social is after 5 pm Mass Saturday in the Parish Hall. 

At the June Social they are serving Pizza and your delicious covered dishes.  

Be ready to have a lot of fellowship with your church family.

 Next Social; July 22nd  – Annual Parish Picnic

We are still in need of people to agree to host socials. PLEASE


May  Birthdays  

26 – Dallas Montgomery  
28 – Sadie Fugate  
30 – Connor Mays
June Birthdays
03 – Kathy Karmire  
04 – Jose Sumale              
06 – Brittany Hoey
07 – Joe Obergfell  
08 – Joan Mulcahy Brown  
19 – Jerry Hartman
19 – Roger Duvall  
20 – Dean Karmire              
21 – Bev Schafer
23 – Susan Anderson  
23 – Ayla Mullen             
25 – Martha Spicer



Question of the Week   


What can I do to proclaim the Good News of Jesus and

help people fall in love with him?


¿ Cómo puedo proclamar la Buena Nueva de Jesús y ayudar a los demás a que se enamoren de él?


What can I do to be a witness of Jesus and

          to live as his disciple? 


¿Cómo puedo ser testigo de Jesús y vivir como su discípulo?  


Families to Clean Church    

**2018 Church Cleaning Signup Sheet is posted

at the Southwest entrance of the Church

 May 28 – June 02 David Baker Family 

June 04 – June 09   Debbie Young      

June 11 – June 16   David Baker Family 

June 18 – June 23   Noreen Faulkenberg & Janet MCNear

Cleaning the Church only takes a couple hours.

A cleaning list is in the Northwest cleaning closet.

Thank you for taking your time to volunteer.       .

Thank you

     Thank you everyone who helped in any way with the Funeral Mass and/or Funeral Meal on Wednesday.  You generosity is greatly appreciated.


To Them We Owe    © Don Nielsen

Happened today, and in the past;

Sacrifice made, for ours to last. 

Wives to widows, families torn;
Gave their lives, for them we mourn. 

Gone forever, souls are lost; 

Freedom comes, with this cost.
Enjoy the life, they did preserve; 

Fate they suffered, did not deserve.
On this day, lest we forget;

To them we owe, our life in debt.

2nd  Annual American Martyrs Parish Picnic  

 July 22nd     Noon to 3pm

    American Martyrs in partnership with the K of C 8052

Will host a summer picnic for members and their families at the K of C Hall, there will be a big tent, games inside and out for adults and children, plenty of food, some of it grilled.

Hamburgers and Hot dogs will be provided. Everyone is encouraged to bring their favorite covered dish to the picnic. There will also have fun items for the children

(or any daring adult).   Plans are still developing


There is Power in Prayer!

Prayer is a form of communication,

A way of talking to God

If you are in need of prayer support,
Please contact;  
Janet Hall, 812-595-1128 or
Bea Boswell 812-752-4933

Prayers for Those in Nursing Facilities:

Hampton Oaks;  Wanda Mays, Bob Ligda,

      Shirley Novak, Norma Campbell,

Hickory Creek; Elberta Lundy,  

Lake Iola Assisted Living; Josephine Zink     

Lake Pointe Village: Rita Castillo

Waters of Scottsburg; Bob Aker, Mary Mays,

Providence Transitional Care Community; Lois Meagher

River Crossing Assisted Living: Gloria Spalding


Prayers for the Sick:

 Tony, Kiesler, Sharon Laswell, JoNell Buchanan

 Gwynn Keller, Lupe Brunner,  Marjorie Arbuckle

 Marie Ficht, Ray Zierhut   Linda Illingworth

Pat Divish,     Donna Rowe,  Alfreda Donahue,

Joe Farkas,  Joe Conzoneri, Martha Kiesler,

Joe Brown,    Fr. Joe Villa, Fr. Don Buchanan

Carol Higdon,  Debbie Biddle,   Dennis Obergfell,

Peter Renn, Blue Bomar, Teresa Westwood,
Thomas Flood,  William Skaggs, Denise Jensen,
Daw White Jr.,   Janie Clouse, Clabie Barger,
Joe Boswell,     Joe Castro, Lonnie Donahue,
Jim Coomes,  Bob Sommer, Kenneth Holcomb,

Jean McIntosh, Benny Hartlage, Denise Mansfield,

Mary Diaz,     David Schafer, Charles Sanders,
Dean Karmire, Christina Riley,  Laverne Basham,
Terri O’Brien,  Joe Hennekes,  Alex O’Raferty,  
Debbie Hoey,  Sadie Fugate,  Marcy Donohue,           
James Cruz, Carolyn Duvall, Katie Robbins Sawin,
Mindy Carter, Larry Simpkins,  Rosendo Romero,

Consuelo T. Ramos;

Consuelo went to here eternal home on May 19, 2018,

Please pray for her family and loved ones.

Eternal rest, grant unto Consuelo O Lord
and let perpetual light shine upon her.
May she rest in peace. Amen.

May Consuelo’s soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Pro Life Moment

      ““Reflecting on the healed wounds of the Risen Christ, we see that even our most difficult trials can be the place where God manifests his victory. He makes all things beautiful. He makes all things new.” USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities2017-2018 Respect Life Reflection,


A   Baby is a Gift -  

Pregnancy Helpline - 877-734-2444;


Adoption Options- 317-878-3412 

Stewardship: A Life-Giving Spirituality
By Rev. Joseph D. Creedon, pastor emeritus,
Christ the King Parish, Providence, Rhode Island
This article is the first in a series based on his forthcoming book
      During my forty-seven years of priestly ministry, I have had a variety of experiences and met some truly wonderful people. Early on, I taught religion in a Catholic high school, next I was a college campus minister. Finally, I became the pastor of a university parish. In these different settings one thing was constant, the people with whom I ministered had a shared hunger for a deeper relationship with God.
     What most people lacked, however, was a spirituality that would allow them to have a deeper relationship with God. Most people did not think they had or needed a spirituality. Indeed the meaning of the word “spirituality” was an obstacle for many. The definition of spirituality that I use is “the lens through which we encounter and respond to God’s presence in our lives.” Stewardship is a spirituality that will enrich the lives of all Christians.
     My first experience with stewardship was before the American bishops wrote their 1992 pastoral letter, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response. Before that pastoral letter, stewardship was for many a code word for money. Stewardship was always about “Time, Talent and Treasure.” Nevertheless before the bishops’ pastoral letter, the approach was grab their money and their time and talent will follow. After their pastoral letter, people were invited to share their time and talent and their treasure would follow. Today there are still people who use stewardship as a code word for money but fortunately their number is dwindling and hopefully they will soon be extinct. Growing are the people who believe what the bishops said at the beginning of Stewardship: A Disciples Response, “The Christian vocation is essentially a call to be a disciple of Jesus. Stewardship is part of that. Even more to the point, however, Christians are called to be good stewards of the personal vocations they receive. Each of us must discern, accept, and live out joyfully and generously the commitments, responsibilities, and roles to which God calls him or her.”
      I embraced the spirituality of stewardship more than twenty-five years ago. My life has never been the same. Over the years, I have witnessed the profound transformation in people’s lives when they embraced the spirituality of stewardship. I encourage you to enter more deeply into the spirituality called Stewardship.