American Martyrs and St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Monday, April 23, 2018
Welcome to
American Martyrs
Second Sunday of Easter

April 07/8, 2018


Welcome Rev. Donald Buchanan


Like the early Christians, let us be filled with gratitude and love for the Lord.


The Church continues to celebrate and give thanks for the mystery of the resurrection of Christ. We acknowledge that God has appointed the risen Jesus judge of all creation. Therefore, with hearts full of hope and faith, we seek to be reconciled in his divine mercy and to share in his eternal life.



Reading 1: Acts 4:32-35; 

In Acts, Luke recalls how the early Christian community was filled with gratitude and love for the Lord, and was willing to share everything they had as a sign

of that love.


R.) Psalm 118:    

Give thanks to the Lord for the is good,

his love is everlasting

Reading 2:  1 John 5:1-6; 

Saint John reassures the struggling community in the second reading that by loving God they have the strength to love each other and remain faithful to the Lord.

Gospel: John 20:19-31;  

In the Gospel, Jesus convinces Thomas of the truth of his resurrection.



Saturday; April 07; 5:00 PM – Gary “Moe” Moenter

**2nd Collection Churches in Africa

 Servers:   Catherine Valencia & Marcos Valencia  

Sunday;  April 08; 8:30 AM –  Doris & Jim Arbuckle 

2nd Sunday  Easter        

**2nd Collection Churches in Africa

Servers: Olivia & Sadie Fugate 
**Monday, April 9;  6 PM– Communion Service
Saturday; April  14; 5:00 PM –  Rudy Bardelli

 Servers:   Raeann Baker  &  Nick Bautista    


Sunday;  April 15; 8:30 AM –  Jean M. Reinstedler   

3rd Sunday     Easter    

Servers:  Antonio Martinez &  Victoria Martinez   
St. Patrick Catholic Church
PO Box # 273;
208 S. Shelby Street, 
Salem IN 47167
Sunday Mass  10:30 AM  

Wednesday Mass 6:00 PM 



    When the risen Christ encounters his disciples in the locked room he adds a new Beatitude to the ones we’ve heard proclaimed before: “Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.” Stewards of the mysteries of God’s love do not need proof of the risen Christ. They know it because their lives have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit who has breathed new life into them and through the Sacrament of the Eucharist which strengthens and sustains them. As stewards of this great gift it is appropriate to reflect on how we in turn add new life into our parish communities.

Religious Education

Sunday Religious Education  Pre K through 12th


 Resume Classes: April 8,15, 22 & 29

Classes are Sunday’s after 8:30 Mass in the Parish Hall.

No charge for our Religious Education program.

Contact; Cindy Light for more information.


SCRIPT Orders  Due Sunday,  May  6th       

Thank you for your support of Script Orders.

Order forms are at the entrances of the Church.


First Holy Communion.  May 13th

 Please keep the following children in your

prayers as they prepare for their First Holy Communion.  

Allison Mullen, Finn Sawin,   Adam Soto,

Albert Soto,      Daisy Soto,   Odelia Soto,

Oliver Soto, &   Mary Grace Wimsatt

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
       RCIA classes will resume in the Fall of 2018.

   These classes are for anyone interested in learning more about the Catholic Church.   As Catholics, we are all called to evangelize.   This would be one way for you to fulfill this calling.  

To register contact Cindy Light or the Parish Office for more info.  

"Into His Likeness" Book Study

    It is not enough to go through life doing the bare minimum when it comes to our faith.  We are all called to be disciples of Christ and to "follow Him so closely that we are covered with His life, changed, and made new."  Being a disciple of Jesus will not make your life easier but it will fill it with blessings! 

    You ask "How do I walk as a disciple of Jesus in this day and age?"  Join our book study to find out how!  We will be reading the book "Into His Likeness" by Edward Sri and then meeting on Monday or Wednesday evenings at 6:30 to discuss the assigned reading. It is an easy read and the chapters are short.   "Into His Likeness provides an approachable but in-depth exploration of how to live as a disciple and experience the transformation Jesus wants to work in our lives.  We might desire to live more like Christ, but we know we fall short.  This book simply helps us follow those initial promptings of the Holy Spirit, so that we may more intentionally encounter Jesus anew each day and be more disposed to his grace changing us ever more into his likeness."

    If you are interested, the book costs $15 (but no one will be turned away for an inability to pay).  Please sign up on the signup sheets at the doors of the church.  You are welcome to bring your children!  We can set up an activity table for them to do their homework, color, etc.  We will start sometime in April. 

Questions?  Call Cindy Light @ 812-595-3673.


CYO Parish  Social  Night   April 28th

Social is after 5 pm Mass Saturday in the Parish Hall. 

 This is CYO Fundraiser Dinner they be serving Spaghetti Dinners and Desserts. All you bring your appetites. 

Be ready to have a lot of fellowship with your church family and support the Youth of our Parish.  

Next Socials; May- Carol Ison    June – Brock Family

We are still in need of people to agree to host socials.

April Birthdays

07 –  Cooper Christman  
08 –  Laura Boswell 
12 –  Cindy Light             

12 –  Matt Renn                

15 –  Patricia Brock 
15 –  Lonnie Donahue
20 –  Emily Smith            
24 –  Tracy Howard  
27 –  Daniel Alexander    
29 –  Lorraine Gable        
29 –  Karissa Light



Question of the Week

Adults: What can I do to inspire my family to resemble the first Christians?


Adultos: ¿ Cómo puedo infundir en mi familia el deseo de imitar a los primeros cristianos?


Children: What can my family and I do to help others who are in need?

Niño: ¿ Cómo podemos mi familia y yo ayudar a los necesitados?

Families to Clean Church

**2018 Church Cleaning Signup Sheet is posted

at the Southwest entrance of the Church

April 09 – April 14    David Schafer Family

April 16 – April 21 Noreen Faulkenberg & Janet McNear 

April 23 – April 28    Joan Mace

April 30 – May 05    David Baker Family

Cleaning the Church only takes a couple hours.

A cleaning list is in the Northwest cleaning closet.

Thank you for taking your time to volunteer.


April Ministries

Saturday – Reader    Eucharist Ministers

Jan Hall (G)               Diana Cozart (*)

Joe Obergfell (R)      Carol Ison

                Tina Cozart / Ramona Barger (C)

Sunday – Reader___    Eucharist Ministers

 Cindy Light       (G)      Misty Marcum (*)

 Doris Marcum   (R)     Jerry Hartman

                                     Don Harmon (C)


Counters: Julie Donovan & Doris Marcum


     O Lord, behold here before You a soul who exists in this world in order to allow You to exercise Your admirable mercy and manifest it before heaven and earth. Others may glorify You through their faithfulness and perseverance, thus making evident the power of Your grace. How sweet and generous You are to those who are faithful to You! 
     Nevertheless, I 
will glorify You by acquainting others of Your goodness to sinners and by reminding them that Your mercy is above all malice, that nothing can exhaust it, and that no relapse, no matter how shameful or criminal, should allow the sinner to despair of forgiveness.
     I have offended You grievously, O Beloved Redeemer, but it would be still worse if I were to offend You by thinking that You were lacking in goodness to forgive me. I would rather He deprive me of everything else than the trust I have in Your Mercy.
     Should I fall a hundred times or should my crimes be a hundred times worse that they actually are, I would continue to trust in Your mercy. Amen.


Congratulations to the new members.

Prayers as they continue their Catholic Faith

Susan G. Wallace, Carolyn Salsgaver,

David L. Lueking


There is Power in Prayer!

Prayer is a form of communication,

A way of talking to God

If you are in need of prayer support, Please contact;  

Janet Hall, 812-595-1128 or  
Bea Boswell 812-752-4933

Prayers for Those in

Nursing Facilities:

Hampton Oaks;  Wanda Mays, Bob Ligda,

Shirley Novak, Norma Campbell, Linda Illingworth

Hickory Creek; Elberta Lundy,  

Lake Iola Assisted Living; Josephine Zink     

Lake Pointe Village: Rita Castillo

Waters of Scottsburg; Bob Aker, Mary Mays,

Providence Transitional Care Community;  Lois Meagher

River Crossing Assisted Living: Gloria Spalding


Prayers for the Sick:

Terry Light, Marie Ficht,  

Pat Divish,Donna Rowe,

 Alfreda & Lonnie Donahue,

Joe Castro, Joe Brown,

Fr. Joe Villa, Fr. Don Buchanan,

Joe Farkas, David Schafer,

Joe Boswell, Carol Higdon,

Debbie Biddle, Dan Prewitt,

Martha Kiesler, Peter Renn,

Blue Bomar, Ray Buchheit,

Denise Jensen, Thomas Flood,

William Skaggs, Daw White Jr.,

Clabie Barger, Janie Clouse,

Alex O’Raferty, Lupe Brunner

Dennis Obergfell, Kenneth Holcomb,

Jim Coomes, Jean McIntosh,

Laverne Basham, Denise Mansfield,

Charles Sanders, Christina Riley,

 Mary Diaz, Ray Zierhut,

Dean Karmire, Terri O’Brien,

Joe Hennekes, Bob Sommer

Marcy Donohue, Debbie Hoey,

 Sadie Fugate, James Cruz,

Katie Robbins Sawin, Carolyn Duvall,

Rosendo Romero,

Larry Simpkins, Mindy Carter,


 Beth Smith sister of Rich (Mary) Smith unexpectedly went to eternal life on Sunday, March 25. Please Pray for her soul and her family and all those who loved her.

  Eternal Rest, grant unto Beth O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen.

 May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.   Amen.

Pro Life Moment

   “While many Catholics want to help women and men heal from past abortions, most don't know how to begin.” Learn how you can become an instrument of mercy at USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities,   “Bridges of Mercy for Post-Abortion Healing”


A   Baby is a Gift -  

Pregnancy Helpline - 877-734-2444


Adoption Options- 317-878-3412  

 Thank You

   Thanks for all the prayers, cards, food and visits during

my illness. All these thoughtful actions and words of encouragement were Sincerely Appreciated.

Love, Pat Divish


Sharing the Responsibilities

of Ministry is Good Stewardship

by Leisa Anslinger, author and co-founder of Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community (CSEC)


     Recently, I was invited to offer a morning of reflection for a gathering of youth ministry leaders. The topic I was given was “self-care for people of ministry.” I must admit, my first thought was, “Me? Talk about self-care? You’ve got to be kidding!” Like many, perhaps most, people of ministry, I often feel overextended, pressed for time, and just a bit stressed. Still, I reasoned that the people who had invited me had their reasons for doing so. As I reflected on this further, I realized that I did have something to contribute, from the perspective of stewardship.

     I remember many years ago, my college roommate had a poster that read, “Too blessed to be stressed.” This could be our stewardship mantra. When we are overextended, feel pressure to complete multiple tasks at once, or are challenged by the daily circumstances of life and ministry, we remind ourselves that all is blessing. All is gift! All we are and have is entrusted to us by God and we are called to steward it well. Self-care in ministry is not always about doing or giving less. In fact, many stewards would say exactly the opposite, that growing as a steward has resulted in more giving, service, and sharing. What changes is the sense of purpose in living as disciples, and the self-awareness of our particular talents, skills and resources, all of which we are called to steward.

      We will be less likely to overextend when we are conscious that we are to be responsible stewards and that we are to lead others to responsible stewardship. Every person is created in God’s image and is entrusted with gifts and blessings. We do not need to do it all on our own. In fact, we must not do it all on our own. Leading others to embrace the call to live as disciples and grow as good stewards requires us to invite people to contribute their unique gifts and talents, their time and attention, their service, caring, and sharing for the sake of others. Serving together, we make Christ’s presence known and in doing so, give glory to God.

International Catholic Stewardship Council; CATHOLIC STEWARDSHIP:

April 2018 • e-Bulletin


Rev. Joseph L. Villa

103 South 21st Street

Terre Haute, IN 47803