American Martyrs and St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Welcome to
American Martyrs
 Rev. Joseph L. Villa STL
First week of Advent

December 1/2, 2018


FOCUS :       

The Jesus who is born in time and history is also
the Christ who will come in glory to judge all.

     The season of Advent begins with a call to perseverance and vigilance as we prepare to celebrate not just the historical event of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, but our central belief that Christ will come again in glory to judge all humanity. Our readings are chosen to help us reflect on this great truth and be prepared for the coming of Christ.



Reading 1:   Jeremiah 33:14-16;     

     In a time of great upheaval and chaos for Israel, Jeremiah reassures the people of better days to come, when a descendent of David will rule them with integrity and honesty.

R)  PSALM 25:   

To you, O Lord, I lift my soul.


Reading 2:  1 Thessalonians 3:12–4:2;      

      Looking forward to the return of Christ in glory, Saint Paul reminds us that we must strive for true holiness now.


Gospel:   Luke 21:25-28, 34-36;   

    In the Gospel, Jesus reminds us that no matter what befalls

 us in this life, we are to have confidence in him, the Son of Man.


Mass Schedule for the Week

Saturday; December 01; 5:00 PM – Bill Divish  

**2nd Collection –  SAMA
 Servers: Olivia Fugate   &   Sadie Fugate
Sunday; December  02; 8:30 AM  – James Moyna

First Sunday of Advent

**2nd Collection –  SAMA

    Servers:   Catherine Valencia & Marcos Valencia


Monday        Dec. 03 ; 8:00 AM –  Special Intention

Tuesday      Dec. 04 ; 8:00 AM –   Pro Seipso

Wednesday Dec. 05 ; 8:00 AM –  Pro Seipso
Thursday     Dec. 06 ; 8:00 AM –  Pro Seipso

Friday          Dec. 07 ; 6:00 PM – 

The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Saturday; Dec. 08; 9:00 AM –    


Saturday; December 08; 5:00 PM –    Beth Smith

 2nd Collection Retirement for the Religious
 Servers:  Isabelle Marcum    &   Eric Marcum
Sunday; December  09; 8:30 AM  –    Lonnie Piet

Second Sunday of Advent

 2nd Collection Retirement for the Religious

    Servers:  Friederich Ostertag    &  Selleck Willes

PLEASE  Volunteers Wanted 

Please prayerfully consider serving as a Eucharistic Minister or Lector for the weekend liturgies.

If  you feel called to this ministry, you only need to be 18 years old and confirmed.

please contact Debbie at the office, Father Joe, or Mary Smith (812-595-2243).


Membership / Discipleship

     If you are new to the parish or have any change

with your phone number or have you moved please

let the Parish office know, it is as easy as a phone call,

812-752-3693   email,

Stop by the Parish Office at

262 W. Cherry Street, Scottsburg, IN 47170

Or there are forms at all the entrances of the church.


Votive Candles

A requested donation of $3.00 

The Candles are located in the North West corner in the Church


The Prayer Shaw / Blanket

These are for to anyone needing the gift of love and or prayer.

The shawls / blankets in the back of the church are blessed.

   Anyone can contribute to the Shawl/ Blanket basket to be Blessed

Mass Intentions – Are requested $10.00 per

Mass Envelopes are at the entrances of the church.


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St Patrick and American Martyrs Catholic Church Community


       The exchange between Jesus and Pilate in today’s Gospel is, arguably, the most important exchange in all of literature. Pilate asks Jesus: “What have you done?”

Jesus replies that he testifies to the truth. In the second reading we are reminded of the essence of that truth: Christ, ruler of all, loves us, liberates us from the bonds of sin, makes us into new kingdom. As we approach the Advent season, this week would be a good time to reflect on the question:

     What have we done in our daily lives, in our actions, words, private prayer, and in our interaction with others, to testify that Jesus is Lord?

Religious Education

Sunday Religious Education  Pre K through 12th

Classes: Dec. 2, 9, 16 Jan. 6, 13, 20, 27

Classes are Sunday’s after 8:30 Mass in the Parish Family Hall.

No charge for our Religious Education program.

Contact;  Cindy Light for more information.

**SCRIPT Orders Due December  2nd **

Last chance before Christmas

Cards WILL be back before Christmas

THANK YOU for your support of the youth of our parish!


   Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

   RCIA classes will start in the January 7th  of 2019.

Fr. Joe Villa will be instructing these RCIA classes. 

If you know someone interested let Cindy or the office know.    These classes are for anyone interested in learning more about the Catholic Church.   As Catholics, we are all called to evangelize.   This would be one way for you to fulfill this calling. To register contact Cindy Light or the Parish Office for more info.


2019 St. Joseph Missals

 For Sale $2.50 each in the Sacristy and parish office. 

     These missals will start December 2nd the first week of Advent. The church will be using YEAR C this Liturgical year.


2019 Eucharistic Minister/Lector

signup sheet is in the sacristy. All ministers are encouraged to stop in to sign up for the coming year.

Sister Parish
St. Patrick Catholic Church
PO Box # 273; 208 S. Shelby Street, 
Salem IN 47167
Sunday Mass  10:30am
 Wednesday Mass 6:00pm

Parish Socials

Thank you to Everyone who Supported the Socials this year.

 See you in 2019

Thank you to the people who have stepped up to host.+

 2019 Socials Dates are posted ,

Please sign up to host a social.


 01 – Karen Russell    

05 – Don Preble                  

08 – Erick Mays

10 – Maria Fleenor             

10 – Cristobel Valencia 

13 – Adalyne Mullen  

16 – Brinley Wilson  

18 – Friederich Ostertag    

21 – Marcos Valencia

25 – Jim Gladden              

27 – Joseph Light 

30 – Hildegard Satterwhite

30 – Brannon Russell 


Question of the Week  


What have been the strengths of your prayer life?

What habit of prayer could you strengthen during this Advent season?


¿Cuáles han sido los puntos fuertes de tu vida de oración?

¿Qué hábito de la oración podrías fortalecer durante este tiempo de Adviento?


What prayers will you say each day and each week during Advent? 


 ¿Qué oraciones vas a rezar cada día y cada semana durante el Adviento?  

Families to Clean Church 

**2019 Church Cleaning Signup Sheet is posted

at the Southwest entrance of the Church

Dec 03 – Dec 08 Tina Cozart

Dec 10 – Dec 12 Joan Mace

Dec 17 – Dec 22 Janet McNear & Noreen Faulkenberg

Cleaning the Church only takes a couple hours.

A cleaning list is in the Northwest cleaning closet.

Thank you for taking your time to volunteer

 December Ministries

Saturday – Reader      Eucharist Ministers

 Mary Smith (G)           Ramona Barger (*)

 Janet Hall    (R)           Bev Schafer
Sunday – Reader___ Eucharist Ministers

 Doris Marcum (G)       Jane Marley (*)

 Cindy Light      (R)       Susan Anderson 


Counters: Doris Marcum  & Julie Donovan


A   Baby is a Gift -  

CRADLE -812-752-0123;

Adoption Options- 317-878-3412

Pregnancy Helpline - 877-734-2444;



Prayer is a form of communication,

A way of talking to God

If you are in need of prayer support, Please contact;  

Janet Hall, 812-595-1128 or 
Bea Boswell 812-752-4933
Prayers for Those in
Nursing Facilities:

Hampton Oaks;  Wanda Mays, Bob Ligda,

Shirley Novak, Norma Campbell,

Hickory Creek; Elberta Lundy,  Martha Kiesler

Lake Iola Assisted Living; Josephine Zink     

Lake Pointe Village: Rita Castillo

Waters of Scottsburg; Bob Aker,

Providence Transitional Care Community; Lois Meagher


Prayers for the Sick:

Marie Ficht,    Lois Bridges,           

Joann Smithey, Benny Hartlage,

 Marjorie Arbuckle, Jim Cozart,

Felix Lewis,   Rita Fields,   

Ronnie Sommer,   Dennis Obergfell

Clabie Barger,  Joe Boswell,

Larry Stout    Mindy Carter,           

Tony Kiesler,   Willie Harlen,        

Jean McIntosh,  Carol Higdon,

Ed Rees,        Denise Jensen,       

Joe Castro,   Alfreda &  Lonnie Donahue,        

Kari Stout,     Gwynn Keller,          

Mary Ellen Buchanan, JoNell Buchanan,

Joe Brown,    Joe Henson 
Fr. Joe Villa, Fr. Don Buchanan,

Larry Simpkins, Cathy Wilson Cochran

Joe Hennekes,  Carol Blasingame,

Pat Divish,     Debbie Biddle,           

Peter Renn   Blue Bomar, Teresa Westwood,

Ray Zierhut, William Skaggs,      

Daw White Jr. Janie Clouse,       

Rosendo Romero,  Kenneth Holcomb,

Jim Coomes,  Bob Sommer,          

Dean Karmire,   Christina Riley,  

Denise Mansfield,  Alex O’Raferty,  

Terri O’Brien,   David Schafer, James Cruz,  

Debbie Hoey, Sadie Fugate,  Marcy Donohue,            

Carolyn Duvall, Katie Robbins Sawin,

Mary Diaz,   Laverne Basham

Emily Howser Thomas Flood,   Charles Sanders,
Upcoming Mass’s

Dec. 7th Immaculate Conception Vigil – 6 pm @  A. M.

Dec. 8th  Immaculate Conception - 9am @ A. M.

Dec.8th  Immaculate Conception Vigil-12 Noon @ S. P
Dec. 12th  Advent Penance Service - 6:30pm @ St. P.
Dec. 13th  Advent Penance Service - 6pm @ A. M.
Dec. 24th  Christmas Eve Family Mass 4pm A.M.

Dec. 24th  Christmas Eve Mass 6pm St. Patrick

Dec. 24th  Christmas Eve Midnight Mass 12am A.M.
Dec. 25th  Christmas Morning Mass 8:30 am A.M.

Dec. 25th  Christmas Morning Mass 10:30 am St. Patrick

Dec. 31st   New Year’s Evening Mass – 5:30 pm A.M.

Jan. 01th   New Year’s Morning  8:30 am A.M.

Jan. 01th   New Year’s Morning 10:30 am St. Patrick


     O God,  who by the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary,  did prepare a worthy dwelling place for Your Son,  we beseech You that, as by the foreseen death of this, Your Son, You did preserve Her from all stain,  so too You would permit us, purified through Her intercession,  to come unto You.  Through the same Lord Jesus Christ,  Your Son, who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit,  God, world without end.  Amen.

Advent  is a time of expectation and hope.

 “Advent” means “arrival” or “coming,” and it prompts us to pause each day in December and remember why Jesus came at Christmas. Traditions vary by country, but common ways of commemorating Jesus’ birth are through Advent calendars, wreaths, and candles. Ideally, any Advent tradition should involve families in a fun activity each day of December, helping them remember why we celebrate Christmas.

    Advent candles shine brightly in the midst of darkness, reminding us that Jesus came as Light into our dark world. The candles are often set in a circular Advent wreath.

The most common Advent candle tradition, however, involves four candles. A new candle is lit on each of the four Sundays before Christmas. Each candle represents something different, although traditions vary. Often, the first, second, and fourth candles are purple; the third candle is rose-colored.

·                  The First candle symbolizes HOPE 

·                  and is called the “Prophet’s Candle.” The prophets of the  

       Old Testament, especially Isaiah, waited in hope for the Messiah’s arrival.

·      The Second candle represents FAITH 

·      and is called “Bethlehem’s Candle.” Micah had foretold   

             that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, which is also the birthplace of King David.

·      The Third candle symbolizes JOY 

·      and is called the “Shepherd’s Candle.” To the shepherd’s

            great joy, the angels announced that Jesus came for humble, unimportant people like them,

             too. In liturgy, the color rose signifies joy.

·      The Fourth candle represents PEACE

·      and is called the “Angel’s Candle.”

            The angels announced that Jesus came to bring peace--He came to bring people close to

            God and to each other again.