American Martyrs and St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Thursday, May 24, 2018
Welcome to
American Martyrs
Fifth Sunday of Easter

April 28/29, 2018


Welcome Rev. Donald Buchanan


Jesus teaches us to stay connected always to the Father, through whom all good things come.


     The image of the vine and the branches is a clear reminder of our dependence on God for our every breath. If we hope to bear any good fruit in this world, we must stay close to the source of goodness – God himself.



Reading 1:  Acts 9:26-31;
 In the first reading,

Saul, increasing in strength and fortitude, is preaching the truth that Jesus is the Christ. Barnabas brings him to the Apostles explaining that they need not fear, Saul is indeed converted.


R.) Psalm 22:     

     I will praise you, Lord, in the assembly of your people.

Reading 2: 1 John 3:18-24;
 In John’s Letter,

he challenges us to love in deed and truth, and reminds us that our hearts are known by the Father.


Gospel:  John 15:1-8;  

In today’s Gospel,

Jesus teaches that he is the vine and the Father is the vine grower. We must abide in him in order to bear good fruit.



Saturday; April 28; 5:00 PM – Don Faulkenberg

 ** 2nd collection: Catholic Home Missions

 Servers: Blake Russell    &   Brannon Russell


Sunday;  April 29; 8:30 AM –  Jeanne M. Reinstedler

5th Sunday     Easter    

** 2nd collection: Catholic Home Missions

Servers: Marta Rose Ostertag & Friederich Ostertag   
**Monday, April 30;  6 PM– Communion Service
Saturday; May 5; 5:00 PM – Charles & Estelle Hutchins

 ** 2nd collection: Scott County Clearinghouse

 Servers:  Olivia Fugate  &  Sadie Fugate


Sunday;  May 6; 8:30 AM –  Anna Fette

6th  Sunday     Easter    

** 2nd collection: Scott County Clearinghouse

Servers: Catherine Valencia &  Marcos Valencia   
May Ministries

Saturday – Reader     Eucharist Ministers

 Patricia Brock (G)   Tina Cozart  (*)
 Ellen Stout (R)        Missy Baker

                                      Bev Schafer / Mary Smith (C)

Sunday – Reader___    Eucharist Ministers

 Alfreda Donahue (G)     Doris Marcum  (*)

 Al Riggle    (R)               Debbie Young

                                        Lorraine Gable (C)

Counters: James Cruz & Rich Smith

St. Patrick Catholic Church
PO Box # 273; 208 S. Shelby Street, 
Salem IN 47167
Sunday Mass  10:30 AM&  

Wednesday Mass 6:00 PM 


While Fr Joe is on Sabbatical  

this is the address for Mail.     

Rev. Joseph L. Villa                                           

103 South 21st Street

Terre Haute, IN 47803


 Jesus offers a quintessential stewardship statement in today’s Gospel reading: “Whoever remains in me and I in him will bear much fruit, because without me you can do nothing.” Jesus Christ offers us the fullness of eternal life.

Do our lives reveal that this is what we want?

Do we believe that by hearing the Word of the Lord and responding we not only produce “good fruit,” but abide in the very life of God?         

Religious Education

Sunday Religious Education  Pre K through 12th


Classes: April 29  May 6, & 20       

Classes are Sunday’s after 8:30 Mass in the Parish Hall.

No charge for our Religious Education program.

Bible School; June 11 thru 14, 2018

Contact; Cindy Light for more information.

SCRIPT Orders  Due NEXT Sunday,  May  6th

Thank you for your support of Script Orders.

Order forms are at the entrances of the Church.


First Holy Communion.  May 13th

 Please keep the following children in your

prayers as they prepare for their First Holy Communion.  

Allison Mullen, Finn Sawin,   Adam Soto,

Albert Soto,      Daisy Soto,   Odelia Soto,

Oliver Soto, &   Mary Grace Wimsatt

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
       RCIA classes will resume in the Fall of 2018.

   These classes are for anyone interested in learning more about the Catholic Church.   As Catholics, we are all called to evangelize.   This would be one way for you to fulfill this calling.  

To register contact Cindy Light or the Parish Office for more info.  



"Into His Likeness" 

Book Study is Monday’s at 6:30!

     You will pick up your books on the first night.

    It is not enough to go through life doing the bare minimum when it comes to our faith.  We are all called to be disciples of Christ and to "follow Him so closely that we are covered with His life, changed, and made new."  Being a disciple of Jesus will not make your life easier but it will fill it with blessings! 

     If you are interested, the book costs $15 (but no one will be turned away for an inability to pay).  Please sign up on the signup sheets at the doors of the church.  You are welcome to bring your children!  We can set up an activity table for them to do their homework, color, etc.  

Questions?  Call Cindy Light @ 812-595-3673.


Religious Education -

Mass Etiquette

   ** Pay attention during Mass - Part 1!


   Cell phones should NEVER be used for calls or texting during Mass (except during BIG emergencies).  It is appropriate to use the phone for readings or prayers.  We want to set the church apart as a place of prayer and reflection so bringing a snack (or chewing gum) to church is also not appropriate.  And if you bring items to keep small children busy, bring items that don't make noise!  

     Sing the songs; follow the readings  Focus. Pray.  And help your children do this.  There are children's missals to help them follow along with the prayers at Mass.  Remember, kids learn from what the parents do.  Demonstrate to your children that your Catholic community is a treasured part of your life.  Some find it hard to follow all the routines over and over again;  to stand, sit, speak when needed etc.  However, active participation means exactly this.  In order to be really part of a praying community, we must join the Body of Christ in its movements. 

We are supposed to try as much as possible to join in singing, praying, and in performing all appropriate gestures while at Mass for our participation to be perfect. 

Parents, if you'd like to order a Children's Sunday Missal, complete with readings for the year,

contact Cindy Light @812-595-3673. 


Parish  Social  Night  Tonight April 28th

Social is after 5 pm Mass Saturday in the Parish Hall. 

 This is CYO Fundraiser Dinner they be serving Spaghetti Dinners and Desserts. All you bring your appetites.  Be ready to have a lot of fellowship with your church family and support the Youth of our Parish.  

Next Socials; May- Meatloaf,  Carol Ison   

                      June – Brock Family

We are still in need of people to agree to host socials.




29 –  Lorraine Gable    29 – Karissa Light


02 – Sue Grap   
05 – Bob Gable       
06 – Don Harmon
08 – Pat Donovan   
08 – Pete Renn 
14 – Oscar Valencia



Question of the Week   

Adults: When has God pruned me so that I

              could grow and give life?

Adultos: ¿ Cuándo me ha retado Dios a cambiar,

                   para que yo pueda crecer y dar vida?

Children:   When have I felt good because

                    I did something to help someone?

Niño: ¿  En qué ocasión me sentí bien

              porque ayudé al prójimo?  


Families to Clean Church

**2018 Church Cleaning Signup Sheet is posted

at the Southwest entrance of the Church

 April 30 – May 05    David Baker Family  

May 07 – May 12    Tina Cozart

May 14 – May 19    Bea Boswell & Susan Anderson

May 21 – May 26 Noreen Faulkenberg & Janet McNear   

Cleaning the Church only takes a couple hours.

A cleaning list is in the Northwest cleaning closet.

Thank you for taking your time to volunteer.

 Pro Life Moment
   ““If we are filled with the love of God,

a culture of encounter and solidarity will begin to bloom.”

USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities, 

“Serene Attentiveness to God’s Creation”


A   Baby is a Gift -  

Pregnancy Helpline - 877-734-2444


Adoption Options- 317-878-3412  

The Little White Book

We’ll spend the remaining days of the Easter season reading an account of Paul’s conversion.

K of C Mother/Daughter Banquet.

    The Banquet will be held on May 9th at the

Knights of Columbus Hall on N. Hwy 31, Scottsburg.

Doors open at 5:30 pm and meal will be at 6 pm.

The members of the K of C would like to encourage all the

Women, Ladies, and Girls of American Martyrs and St. Patrick to attend this Banquet.


 National Day of Prayer
Local observance will be May 3rd 12:00 (noon)

at the Scottsburg Courtyard Gazebo.
Join with Local Pastors Praying for our Community,

along with Local, State & Federal Leaders.

Those that are able, are being encouraged to have prayer walks/drives throughout the community.
For more information call Scott County Coordinator: David W. Richie (812) 722.0093
or visit the website @


There is Power in Prayer!

Prayer is a form of communication, A way of talking to God

If you are in need of prayer support, Please contact;  

Janet Hall, 812-595-1128 or  
Bea Boswell 812-752-4933

Prayers for Those in Nursing Facilities:

Hampton Oaks;  Wanda Mays, Bob Ligda,

   Shirley Novak, Norma Campbell,

Hickory Creek; Elberta Lundy,  

Lake Iola Assisted Living; Josephine Zink     

Lake Pointe Village: Rita Castillo

Waters of Scottsburg; Bob Aker, Mary Mays,

Providence Transitional Care Community; Lois Meagher

River Crossing Assisted Living: Gloria Spalding


Prayers for the Sick:

Terry Light,    Marie Ficht,   Linda Illingworth,

Pat Divish,     Joe Castro,    Alfreda Donahue,

Joe Brown,    Fr. Joe Villa, Fr. Don Buchanan,

Joe Farkas,  David Schafer, Joe Boswell,
Carol Higdon,  Debbie Biddle,  Martha Kiesler,
Peter Renn, Blue Bomar, Teresa Westwood,
Thomas Flood,  William Skaggs,  Denise Jensen,

Daw White Jr., Janie Clouse, Clabie Barger,

Alex O’Raferty,  Lupe Brunner,    Dennis Obergfell,

Jim Coomes,  Donna Rowe, Kenneth Holcomb,
Jean McIntosh, Benny Hartlage Denise Mansfield,

Mary Diaz,     Ray Zierhut  Charles Sanders,

Dean Karmire, Christina Riley,  Laverne Basham,
Terri O’Brien,  Joe Hennekes,  Bob Sommer
Debbie Hoey,  Sadie Fugate, Marcy Donohue,            
James Cruz, Carolyn Duvall, Katie Robbins Sawin,

Mindy Carter, Larry Simpkins, Rosendo Romero,

Ray Buchheit, Lonnie Donahue, Joe Conzoneri


   Inspirational quotes that will motivate you to feel confident and self-assured when you need it most.

Ø      "When you're different, sometimes you don't see the millions of people who accept you for what you are. All you notice is the person who doesn't."       --Jodi Picoult

Ø      "As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live."  --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ø      "You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with."   --Wayne Dyer

Ø      "Just pick a goal, a goal you truly want to achieve, and take a clear-eyed look at your weaknesses--not so you'll feel less confident, but so you can determine exactly what you need to work on. Then get to work. Celebrate small successes. Analyze your weaknesses. Keep going. As you gain skill, you'll also gain a feeling of genuine confidence, one that can never be taken away--because you've earned it." (OK, that one is mine, he said, blushing.)

Ø      "Don't waste your energy trying to change opinions ... do your thing, and don't care if they like it."   --Tina Fey

Ø      "Pride is holding your head up when everyone around you has theirs bowed.

 Courage is what makes you do it."  --Bryce Courtenay

Ø      "The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you."  --William Jennings Bryan

Ø      "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."    --Vincent van Gogh

Ø      "Always be yourself and have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and try to duplicate it."    --Bruce Lee

Ø      10."Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles, and less than perfect conditions. So what? Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident, and more and more successful."    --Mark Victor Hansen

Ø      11. "You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do."    --Eleanor Roosevelt

Ø      "Low self-confidence isn't a life sentence. Self-confidence can be learned, practiced, and mastered--just like any other skill. Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better."    --Barrie Davenport


Loving Father,

     Christ is risen and with him all creation! Light replaces darkness, joy replaces sadness, life replaces death. Through the power of your Spirit, there is no failure his love and mercy cannot reverse, no humiliation he cannot exchange with blessing, no anger he cannot dissolve, no routine he cannot transform. All is embraced by the victory of your son’s cross and resurrection. Help us always be good stewards of Easter’s light, see Resurrection as a daily event, and yearn for the love of Christ as intensely as he yearns for our love. We pray this in Jesus’ name.


Inspire yourself and others

Fr. Joe