American Martyrs and St. Patrick Catholic Church
Saturday, September 18, 2021


July 1, 2021

Father Santhosh opened the meeting with prayer and all saying an Our Father.

Those present, besides Father, included Bev Schafer, Brenda Moyna, David Baker,

Al Riggle, Katie Rowe, Nancy Craig, Linda Illingworth, Joe Hennekes, Fay Obergfell,

Rich and Mary Smith. and Debbie Young


The June minutes were presented and approved.



Pastor’s Report

Father welcomed all new members to the council. After reviewing the Constitution and By-laws, he clarified current council members and terms. Current members are David Baker, Bev Schafer, Tina Cozart, and Mary Smith. Brenda Moyna replaced Diana Cozart in charge of Finance, and Rich Smith replaced Larry Stout on Building and Grounds. Father Santhosh appointed Katie Rowe, Nancy Craig, and Linda Illingworth, all serving a 2 year term. Elected members, who will serve 3 year terms include Joe Hennekes, Fay Obergfell, Katie Sawin, and Al Riggle. In June 2022, the council will re-evaluate those members whose terms are ending and will be going off the council.

Old Business

Joe Hennekes nominated Bev Schafer to remain as Council Chair, which she accepted. Nancy Craig seconded and the motion carried. Joe nominated David Baker as Vice-Chair, which he accepted. Fay seconded and the motion carried. Linda nominated Mary Smith to remain as Secretary, which she accepted. Joe seconded and the motion carried. Debbie continues to work on pricing from Verizon and Spectrum for phone/internet service.





Building and Grounds

Rich has contacted S & L regarding one of the A/C units in the Parish Hall, which is not working. He installed a new flag, although the pulley is broken on it and will require replacement in the future. He also recommended installing synthetic wood on the church office steps rather than concrete. Bev shared that, when cleaning the Rectory, she noticed the upstairs tub isn’t draining properly. Father also noted the outdoor light over the Sacristy door needs to be replaced.


No report. Katie Rowe volunteered to work with Cindy on this committee. It was recommended Cindy write a brief job description for the bulletin to aide in finding a replacement for her job.


Nothing to report.  Fay volunteered to work with Tina on this committee.


Mary continues to seek additional volunteers for Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers.

Altar servers will begin assisting Father Santhosh sometime in July and they will be required to wear masks. Eucharistic Ministers are also required to wear masks when assisting with Holy Communion. Masks for parishioners are recommended but not required. The choir will continue to face the Altar when singing. Katie Rowe and Nancy Craig agreed to meet on a quarterly basis, along with Mary, Cindy, Debbie, and Father Santhosh.


There has been a very good response from parishioners with food donations to the red food box and the Clearinghouse.  Al Riggle volunteered to serve on this committee.

New Business

Several members expressed concern over the deteriorating floor tiles in church.

Mary volunteered to contact someone at the Archdiocese regarding re-submitting the grant for replacing the floor.


With no further business, Father closed the meeting with prayer and all saying a Hail Mary.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 5 at 6:00 p.m.