American Martyrs and St. Patrick Catholic Church
Wednesday, October 27, 2021

American Martyrs Parish Council Minutes

 American Martyrs 
Parish Council
 July 2021 - June 2022

Meetings 1st Thursday of each Month @ 6pm 


Chairperson         –  Beverly Schafer

Vice Chairperson – David Baker

Secretary             – Mary Smith

Member – Tina Cozart,

2021 Elec Joe Hennekes, Fay Obergfell, Al Riggle & Katie Sawin

2021 Appointed –Nancy Craig, Linda Illingworth & Katie Rowe



Liturgical Committee –  Mary Smith , Nancy Craig & Katie Rowe

Liaison Committee    – Tina Cozart & Fay Obergfell

Evangelization          –  Al Riggle, Katie Sawin, Mary Smith,

                                       Katie Rowe & Linda Illingworth

Stewardship              – David Baker

Building & Grounds – Rich Smith

Finance Committee –  Brenda Moyna, Fr. Santhosh, Al Riggle & Debbie Young
Parish Family Hall    – Closed - Parish Office
Ministers to the Sick 
      Bea Boswell, Susan Anderson 
Pro Life    Al Riggle