American Martyrs and St. Patrick Catholic Church
Saturday, September 18, 2021


St. Patrick Catholic
Church Community,
Salem, Indiana

Fr. Joseph Villa STL, Pastor      

Scottsburg office, 812-752-3693

16th Sunday of Ordinary Time
July 17, 2016

     We must hear God’s word in our hearts before we can share it through our service.


     As followers of Christ, we are called to hear God’s word first, and before all things. Only then can we share it with others, and incorporate his word into our acts of service. As we live and share God’s word, we will face trials, but this suffering unites us with Christ. We do this for the sanctification of the world and our own purification.


Reading 1: Genesis 18:1-10a; 

     The first reading tells of Abraham encountering God in the messengers who promise him a son.

R.) Psalm 15:   

He who does justice will live in the presence of the Lord.  


Reading 2:  Colossians 1:24-28; 

     The second reading reminds us of the importance of joining our sufferings to Christ’s for the salvation of the world.  

Gospel: Luke 10:38-42; 

     Today’s Gospel tells of Jesus entering a village and visiting with the two sisters, Martha and Mary.


Liturgy assistance for

Sunday,  July  24 , 2016

17th Sunday of Ordinary time

Reader:  Janet Payner

Eucharistic Ministers: 

+    Willie Harlen, Terry Thixton,  Jane Zatonsky

Servers:   Shane and Greant Mahuron

Ushers:  Volunteers Needed
Gift Bearers:    Volunteers Needed

Mark Olesh, 

Mary Cannello, Mary Carolyn Mitton,


Worship Schedule for Week

Monday          American Martyrs     8 AM
Tuesday        American Martyrs     8 AM
Wednesday     St. Patrick              6 PM 

Thursday       American Martyrs     8 AM

Friday             American Martyrs    8 AM

Saturday       American Martyrs      5 PM
Sunday          American Martyrs     8:30 AM

Sunday           St. Patrick               10:30 AM

On the second Tuesday of every month

Please remember to attend service at

St Vincent’s of Salem Chapel at 11:30 AM.


Everyone is welcome to join us on Wednesday’s at 5:30 to pray the rosary.

The Blessed Mother reminds us to pray the rosary daily.

Mass intentions:
Sunday                  July   17  Jeanne Marie Reinstedler
Wednesday            July   20   Pro Seipso
Sunday                  July   24  For The People 

                                             (Fr. Anthony Bernas)

Wednesday            July   27   NO MASS
Sunday                  July   31  Geo, Mary, & Michael Mikovich

                                              ( Fr. Louis Manna)

Wednesday            Aug.   03   NO MASS
Sunday                  Aug.   07  Robert Lundergan
Wednesday            Aug.   10   Pro Seipso
 Mass Intentions:
$10 per Mass Offering

     There are Mass Intention Envelopes in the Narthex . 

They can be put in the collection basket or given to Father at any time.


Bulletin Notices: 

 Chris Sowder

Home:  967-1417      Cell:  812-725-3931

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“St. Patrick and American Martyrs Catholic Church Community”


Membership / Discipleship

     The members of St. Patrick parish welcome those who worship with us.

For those who regularly worship here, Please register by contacting Chris Mahuron at 812-883-9399.



Prayer is a form of communication, A way of talking to God

Prayer Request  

Nursing Home:

 Carolyn Grant, Peggy Powers,

Anna Cannello, Theresa Statman,

Gene Powell


Religious Education

Barb Baiocchi, DRE 

 Religious Education;  

Grades Pre-K thru 7 and Adult

 Classes resume in August on

   Sunday’s:    9—10:15 AM 

Youth Activity Terry Thixton

Sunday School

Classes each Sunday at  9am

Pre-K -2nd grade instructor – Terry Thixton.

3rd  - 6th  grade instructor – Ellen Smith

Call Barb Baiocchi with any questions. 

*          *          *

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.

Wednesday:        7-8:15 PM   RCIA

If interested contact David Lecklitner

*          *          *

Question of the Week

Which response to God’s call is more natural to you – prayer or action?  



¿ Cuál respuesta al llamado de Dios es más natural para ti – la oración o la acción?    

¿Por qué?   



In the past week, when have you prayed and when have you done good things for others?

Which could you do better?



¿ En la última semana, cuando has orado y cuándo has hecho cosas buenas por los demás?   

¿Cuál podrías mejorar?   
*          *          *

 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” -Romans 15:13

*          *          *
“If GOD had a Calendar,
     Your birthday would be circled.”
07/18  Mary Eiler
07/18  Jill Little
07/21  Mary DeNardi
07/21  Angel Murphy
07/22  Patricia Humphrey
07/25  Alton Lundergan
07/27  Martha Smith
*          *          *

07/11    Scott & Beverly Newcomb

07/15    Art & Norma Smith

07/22   Greg & Mary Carolyn Mitton

*          *          *
***Community News ***

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“St Patrick Catholic Church Community, Salem, Indiana”


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Welcome to American Martyrs
Rev. Joseph Villa, STL

Born July 28, 1959. Ordained June 7, 1997.

Temporary associate pastor, St. Bartholomew, Columbus; postgraduate studies, Rome; 1998, associate pastor, St. Barnabas, Indianapolis; 2000, pastor, Sacred Heart, Clinton, and administrator, St. Joseph, Universal; 2001, pastor, St. Joseph, Rockville, while continuing as pastor, Sacred Heart, Clinton, and administrator, St. Joseph, Universal; 2006, reappointed pastor, Sacred Heart, Clinton, while continuing as pastor, St. Joseph, Rockville, and administrator, St. Joseph, Universal; 2013, pastor,

St. Michael, Bradford, St. Bernard, Frenchtown, and administrator, St. Joseph, Crawford County.

*           *           *

Team Trinity 2016

    Team Trinity rocking St. Patrick’s thanks to our 17 participants and the CYO members:

Cora Saunders, Margaret and Claire Olesh,
Jesus Garcia Salas, Olivia Sowder
And Adults:
Adam and Therese Saunders,
Debbie Lecklitner, Judy Saunders,
Barb Baiocchi & Terry Thixton.

For putting on this one day Team Trinity Catholic VBS.  We collected canned goods for the Food Bank and invite parishioners to donate more in the Narthex to help Washington County Food Bank.

*           *           *

Catholic Pilgrimage to EWTN & The Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

For more information on this pilgrimage on September 7 thru 9 should contact Judy Saunders.

The deadline is July 31st and money is due August 7th .

*           *           *
American Martyrs Parish Social

Saturday,  August  13,  2016

Plan to join us for Pizza & Ice Cream Social along with

your covered dish.    
Dinner will be served, after 5 pm Mass

in the Parish Hall.  We will offer  Good Food, Good Time and most of all Good Friendships.    

Everyone is invited.  
*           *           *

Pro Life Moment


      ““Gracious Father,
I thank you for the mercy you have shown in forgiving my sins and for the peace that comes from being reconciled with you and with your Church.”

— “Trust in God’s Mercy” USCCB Prayer Card (Post-Abortion Healing)*


*           *           *
A Baby is a Gift

Adoption Options  317-878-3412 

Pregnancy Helpline  877-734-2444

C.R.A.D.L.E. Pregnancy Recourse Center.

*         *           *

  Refreshing Our Spirits

     In a recent newspaper essay titled In Defense of the Three-Week Vacation, the writer makes the case for longer American respites from work. Jynne Dilling argues for trips that take us away from cell phone coverage and internet, and urges relaxation that includes re­flective walks at dawn and time to get lost in a foreign habitat (New York Times, 9 June 2016). Many of us have neither the time nor the resources for long overseas sojourns, but all of us can resonate with the need to really “get away” from work or the daily grind or the constant demands of social media. Good stewardship of our bodies, minds and souls obliges us to get away on a regular basis

(see Luke 5:16).

     As Christian stewards, we aren’t just encouraged but obligated to con­sider how we approach our steward­ship of leisure time. Stewards are aware of their need to be busy doing God’s work, but often forget that down time is equally important to spiritual growth. Leisure time, whether it’s our evenings, our weekends, or our vacation, pro­vides spiritual, physical, mental and emotional recharging. Leisure is nec­essary for human wholeness. Leisure reconnects us to the wider mysteries of our world and our God. It helps us daydream, imagine, pray. It refreshes our spirit.

      Today, connectivity has become almost an obsession. People check their emails, their messages and calls with alarming repetitiveness. Acci­dents, both pedestrian and automo­bile, happen because people can’t put down their phones. Employers ex­pect their workers to be available for evening emails. The lines between work and free time increasingly blur, as do the lines between solitude and always being present “online.” We can’t imagine putting aside screens for a two-week vacation. But we must give ourselves time to renew and re­charge, not just two weeks of the year, but each day and each week.

     July offers an opportunity to re­connect with the rhythms of God and nature. We need to take time off from screens and phones, and practice giv­ing undivided attention to the things before us. When we pray, we commit time and silence. When we enjoy time with our friends and family, we practice being totally present. When we sit on the patio or at the beach, we give our­selves wholly to the wind or the waves. Be a good steward of your body, mind and soul. Don’t over schedule your time off. Listen to the quiet whisper of God encouraging you to relax.

*         *           *
Stewardship Moment

        Martha and Mary are the focus of this weekend’s Gospel, which abounds with rich themes about hospitality, service, and finding the right balance between action and prayer­ful attention to the Lord. Christians who are good stewards of their faith life realize that if they are too busy to enjoy peaceful, private time with the Lord, then something is out of balance in their spirituality. If we make time for Mass, but then carry on with our busy schedules without prayer, medi­tation and reflection, we are missing out. If we find ourselves anxious and harried by life’s routines, could it be a sign that something in our spiritual life needs some serious attention?    

*           *           *

Christ as Guest and Host

      The idea that love of neighbor is an act of sacrificial love adds a new dimension to the virtue of hospitality. Hospitality becomes a means to serve others and Christ in them. Christ lives this humble service by becoming a traveler himself, dependent on the hospitality of both Pharisees and tax collectors alike. He journeys from town to town preaching about true charity, himself a stranger who must be welcomed: "The Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head" (Matt. 8:20).

        Christ shares much of his wisdom while dining with others. The lesson that he repeats at the table of Zacchaeus is that he has come to heal the afflicted, to eat with the sinners, and to call those who have strayed from God: "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick" (Matt. 9:12). He thus reminds us that an essential part of hospitality is ministering to the needs of guests.

        Jesus also ties hospitality into his description of who will inherit heaven: "Come, O blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me . . . Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of these my brethren, you did it to me" (Matt. 25:34-36, 40).

       These passages make it clear that in order to be welcomed into heaven, we must welcome and serve others. Time and again, even at the Last Supper, Jesus reminded his disciples that to love means to put others first: "Whoever would be first among you must be slave of all" (Mark 10:44). Many potential followers of Christ turn away because this call to active service requires detachment from material goods, family connections, and physical comforts. We see this in the story of the rich young man (Mark 10:17-22). If we are to follow Christ, we must be willing to put all we have at the service of others. In other words, we must practice hospitality not just out of courtesy or duty — it has to cost us something. As John Paul II said, "Welcoming Christ in our needy brothers and sisters is the condition of being able to meet him face to face and perfectly at the end of our earthly journey" (Homily for the Jubilee of Migrants and Itinerant Workers, June 2, 2000).

*           *           *

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K of C Council 8052

      Scottsburg K of C Council 8052 invites any Catholic gentlemen over the age of 18 to join the Order.  The local group is currently in a membership drive, and is planning to host a First Degree Exemplification (membership ceremony) in the near future.  Become a part of a Catholic, Family, and Fraternal Service Organization!

If you have any questions, please contact Grand Knight

David Baker,  Financial Secretary Michael Cozart
     Business Meetings are set for K of C

and Ladies Auxiliary 2nd Thursday of the month at 7PM.

The Columbian Club will meet at 6PM that evening.


K of C Council Hall is located on Hwy 31N across from the Scott Memorial Hospital in Scottsburg, IN.

*           *           *

Baptism:  Baptismal preparation classes are offered on a quarterly basis. The classes are after 6pm Mass. If possible we prefer that you make arrangements to attend a session before the baby is born.  Please call the Parish office in Scottsburg for a complete list of the sessions.


Holy Communion:  To receive Communion at home,

Contact Willie Harlen at 883-3567.


Reconciliation:  St. Patrick--2nd Sunday of the month after mass.   American Martyrs—4-4:40 pm Saturdays


Marriage:  Archdiocese requires notice at least 6 months prior to marriage.  Contact Fr. Louis for specific information.

Anointing of the Sick:  Before surgery, in case of serious illness. 

RCIA:  Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults interested in joining the Catholic Church, contact David Lecklitner (812)569-1764.


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Have a Blessed Week

St. Patrick Catholic Church Community,

Salem, Indiana
Rev. Joseph Villa STL, Pastor