American Martyrs and St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Mass Intentions July - September 2018

          July 2018  thru  September 2018
Sunday July 1 For the People
Wednesday July 4 Communion Service
Sunday July 8 For the People Fr. Jim Sichko
Wednesday July 11 Communion Service
Sunday July 15    Tom Bacon
Monday July 18 Communion Service
Sunday July 22 Jean Reinstedler Fr. Joe Villa Returns
Wednesday July 25 Mass
Sunday July 29 Donald Boulet
Wednesday August 1 Mass
Sunday August 5 For the people Fr. Boniface Flokiah
Wednesday August 8 Mass
Sunday August 12 Jean Reinstedler
Wednesday August 15 Mass
Sunday August 19    Tom Bacon
Wednesday August 22 Mass
Sunday August 26 For the People
Sunday August 29 Mass
Sunday September 2 For The People
Wednesday September 5 Mass
Sunday September 9 Jean Reinstedler
Monday September 12 Mass
Sunday September 16    Tom Bacon
Wednesday September 19 Mass
Sunday September 13 For The People
Wednesday September 26 Mass
Sunday September 30 For The People Fr. Don Buchanan
Wednesday October 3 Mass
*** If I get any Memorial Mass Intentions, I will let you know if I substitue ***
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