American Martyrs and St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Monday, December 18, 2017

Mass Intentions Feb -April 2017

UPDATED - St Patrick Mass Intentions  Fr. Joseph Villa
from February  thru  April   2017
Sunday Feb 5 Robert Lundergan
Wednesday Feb 8 Pro Seipso
Sunday Feb 12 Raymond Gross
Wednesday Feb 15 Jeanne Marie Reinstelder
Sunday Feb 19 Claude, Roger, & Gregory Barnard
Wednesday Feb 22 Pro Seipso
Sunday Feb 26 Louis J. Korff Jr. 
Wednesday March 1 Pro Seipso Ash Wednesday  -  6pm 
Sunday March 5 Fran Agan 1st Sunday of Lent
Wednesday March 8 Pro Seipso
Sunday March 12 Mary Delores Brown
Wednesday March 15 Pro Seipso
Sunday March 19 Louis J. Korff Jr. 
Wednesday March 22 Nestor Zatonsky 
Sunday March 26 Gene Miller
Wednesday March 29 Jeanne Marie Reinstedler 6pm Mass- 6:30pm Lenten Penance service
Sunday April 2 Joseph & Nancy Frisz
Wednesday April 5 Pro Seipso
Sunday April 9 Robert Lundergan Palm Sunday
Monday April 10 Healing Service  6 pm
Wednesday April 12 Pro Seipso
5 pm Reconcilation  Mass
at 6pm
Holy Thursday
Paul Olesh
April 13 Mass at 6pm
Good Friday April 14 Mass at 3pm
Sunday April 16 Mary Delores Brown Easter Sunday
Wednesday April 19 Pro Seipso
Sunday April 23 For The People
Wednesday April 26 Jeanne Marie Reinstedler
Sunday April 30 For The People
Wednesday May 1 Pro Seipso
*** If I get any Memorial Mass Intentions, I will let you know if I substitue ***